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NABE is an association that advocates for economic equity and opportunity for black entrepreneurs and business owners.

Our model combines the three pillars of economic opportunity for black people and communities by working on behalf of black economic interests in:





About Us

The National Association of Black Entrepreneurs was established in 2021 by its Founders, Jessie and Drea Baines. NABE was inspired by the pioneering spirt of the segregation era when many free blacks created thriving enterprises and communities with little more than their own ingenuity and relationships.

What We Offer

Our firm provides services before and behind the scenes. Behind the scenes we advocate for our community throughout the public and private sectors, enabling our members to work with less systemic barriers while providing more economic opportunities.  


In front of house, NABE is a business hub that contains business content and sharing, a virtual marketplace, and reduced or free business development services to members. Check out the list below to see all of our current offerings. As we gain more and more members, this list will also grow as members create our largest pool of resources and content.

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To increase sustainable pathways for black economic equity and legacy through advocacy and enterprise. 



We will leverage the power of cooperative economics to decrease the wealth gap for black communities over the next ten years. We will use our business model to ensure that black communities are no longer displaced through neighborhood reinvestment and that our economic interests and involvement are represented.


Our values are rooted in black American history. The resilience and vision of our ancestors is what gives us the strength and ability to face systemic oppression today. Today is what we’ve all worked so hard and fought so long for. Today is our chance to establish what we’ve earned, lay claim to what we’re owed, and move boldly towards a new effort that is supported by technology, social media, and increased access to knowledge and methodologies. Today is our gift to ourselves.

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