About NABE

The National Association of Black Entrepreneurs was established in 2021 by its Founders, Jessie and Drea Baines. NABE was inspired by the pioneering spirt of the segregation era when many free blacks created thriving enterprises and communities with little more than their own ingenuity and relationships. 


NABE is a modern day iteration of private and public organizations past, like the Independent Order of St Luke’s, which were established to assist blacks in many areas that the US government and business sectors segregated them from. For NABE, our modern twist to this successful framework is to create a resource hub for black enterprise that also advocates for our economic needs at every level. 

NABE’s primary goal is to promote and establish wealth generating activities for the betterment of black communities throughout the US. Whether we’re lobbying at the Capitol or preparing businesses for funding opportunities, NABE is the place for black enterprise to obtain valuable resources while showcasing their talent and offerings to a national marketplace.

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